Our Mission

We believe it’s important that

Transactions are secure, swift and simple.

Funds are held securely and available when you need them

Risk for you, your business and your client is mitigated.

Your business is not put at risk by another company’s insolvency

You have a healthy cash flow to allow your business to grow.

About Us

Yatapay Secure was built to give businesses a fairer, smarter and more cost-effective alternative to trade credit insurance. We believe using our electronic escrow will unlock growth potential for ambitious and forward-thinking companies and create transaction security. We want to revolutionise the B2B economy by changing the way transactions happen. Our goal is to help businesses move forward and achieve growth.

Our Vision

“ Our mission is to create a safer, easier, way to transact, helping to end the uncertainty of payments and securing transactions. We are at the forefront of the new digital payment future, where transaction risk is mitigated and growth is achievable to us all if we want it.”