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Trade Escrow

Our digital escrow facilitates both international and domestic deals. Yatapay makes it simple to define payments terms and release conditions with an upload facility to manage trade documentation, contracts and communications in a secure environment. The protection of an escrow gives businesses the confidence to do business at home and globally without the expense of Trade Credit Insurance.

Good Faith Deposits: Hold a portion of the transaction purchase price in escrow to help buyers and sellers facilitate bidding and comply with regulations. YataPay Secure can also distribute termination fees from the escrow funds if the transaction is cancelled.

Holdback Accounts: A holdback escrow enables clients to place a portion of the purchase price in escrow until the terms of an agreement are satisfied. Holdbacks offer a way for the buyer to seek claims for false representations or breaches of warranty. J.P. Morgan will manage all claims on the account in accordance with the agreement terms.

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Construction Sector Project Accounts

Administer contract payments and award milestone payments to ensure construction projects are delivered on time and on budget.


Secure funds in escrow until your target fundraising figure is achieved. Release long term project financings as and when required, ring fence financing proceeds, help in the execution of refinancing and provide a source of cash security.

Escrow solutions for legal and accountancy firms

Regulatory requirements

Regulatory requirements

Outsource Client Account operations. Meet government regulations, reduce risk, improve compliance, reduce costs. Hold assets in escrow in areas such as environmental protection, real estate development, bankruptcy and pension protection.



Use escrow accounts to demonstrate security for costs, ring fence contested funds pending judgement or provide security for appeals.
An agreement that ends a dispute and results in the voluntary dismissal of any related litigation.



Even the most complicated deal can be accommodated within the YataPay online portal.
YataPay Secure escrow can facilitate proof of funds, retentions, deferred payments and the safe keeping of acquisition finance proceeds until completion.

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