Third-Party Managed Accounts

Reduce the Risks of Holding Client Money

Handling client money is a minefield. Yatapay’s Secure Transaction Platform

Outsource your client account functions and improve the efficiency of processes, mitigate risk and reduce admin costs with a Third Party Managed Account (TPMA)

YataPay Secures’s TPMA can provide in one solution

Advantages of YataPay's Secure TPMA

Yatapay Secure transaction platform provides visibility on the status of funds at all times.

  • Control residual client balances and stay compliant with rule 2.5

  • Reduces the risk of money laundering

  • Reduces operational and regulatory risk

  • Removes SRA Compensation Fund contributions

  • Recognised as good risk management solution by regulators and insurers

  • Improves visibility, including comprehensive statement reports

What can TPMA’s be used for?

  • Complex commercial transactions

  • Litigation settlement

  • Payments on account

  • Conveyancing

  • Collective investment schemes

  • Family and probate

  • Personal Injury claims

  • Fundraising

  • R&D tax credits

  • Distribution and collection of loan funds

What are the costs of a TPMA?

Fees are agreed based on the expected transaction volume and include:

  • A monthly management fee paid by the law firm

  • A per payment fee which is an agreed % of each payment