Individuals and businesses can open an account with YataPay Secure.  To open an account with us, a User must: Either be an individual (at least 18 years old) or a business that is able to form a legally binding contract; and Complete our sign-up process. As part of our sign-up process, you must: Register an email address, which will also act as your ‘User ID’; Set a password which we will use to log you in and prompt when you want to make or withdraw a payment Register a telephone number where we will send your One Time Password (OTP) which you will need to approve transactions or release funds. Agree for us to verify and validate your identity and bank or debit/credit card account information Agree to our Privacy Policy and User Agreement, including the policy documents incorporated within it. During or after the sign-up process, you can enter your bank account, debit card or credit card to fund your YataPay Secure electronic escrow and your bank account details to withdraw monies from the electronic escrow. We will provide you with information relating to the payments processed through YataPay Secure. In order for any payments to be paid to or withdrawn to an account, both the YataPay Secure payer and payee need to agree to transact and for the funds to be released from the YataPay secure digital escrow account. Once YataPay Secure has received instructions from both parties and the payee has decided they’d like to withdraw the funds, the funds will arrive in the payees bank account within one business day.