Paypal only protects buyers in a transaction – YataPay protects the interests of all parties in a transaction. With YataPay, the funds can only be released from the YataPay Secure electronic escrow once both parties are satisfied that the transaction is complete. YataPay Secure verifies the identity and trustworthiness of both parties through robust anti-money laundering checks before any money enters the system. YataPay Secure provides certainty to the Seller that the funds are cleared into the YataPay Secure electronic escrow before entering into a transaction. Our multi-factorial security means that all parties can transact in total confidence. Comparison table
YataPay Secure
PayPal Transaction Limit
£5,500 Opening an account
Free Accept funds
3.4% +20p Accept credit/debit card payments
From 0.5%
3.4% +20p Send Money
£3 min – % fee from 3% to 1% (depending on transaction size)