Risk reduction is top of mind in any global transaction. That’s why companies turn to YataPay Secure for Escrow Services. Our team of experts will help you develop a payment structure that will work for you. We act as an independent party to the transaction, holding assets in escrow and disbursing them quickly and securely according to the terms of the agreement.

Built in Security

Escrow accounts offer a secure mechanism for parties cross border transactions. They speed up completion, mitigate potential contractual breaches, and offer reliable support for all parties.

Although there’s no obligation to use an escrow account when making a transaction, there’s also no sense in making a deal without this level of financial security.

Escrow arrangements protect businesses to safeguard their funds and assets according to conditions that have been agreed upon in advance. An escrow arrangement protects the transacting parties in the deal. 


Our key function is arranging tailor-made escrow agreements that are geared to service cross-border transactions. The sectors we support include: 

We act as an independent third party and specialise in tailor-made escrow agreements that are geared to service cross-border transactions, governed by the laws of different countries.

Our team knowledge of both the legal and operational aspects, quick execution, and a true understanding of the interests of different stakeholders, have made us a key player in our industry.

Trade Sales

The provision of escrow services can be a useful tool for companies that make regular, higher value sales. We are able to work on a retainer basis that allows the seller to utilise our escrow services.

This can be a comfort to their clients, allowing them the knowledge that their money will not be released to the company until the goods have been provided. It also allows the company the certainty of knowing that they have confirmation of the funds being received into the escrow account before shipping their goods.