Our Solutions

Our Solutions

YataPay Secure offers solutions that help businesses take control of their cash flow and trade in confidence.

We know that the impact of payment default by one or more key customers can be devasting. Our digital escrow is an affordable alternative to Letters of Credit for small and high-value transactions.

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Escrow Solutions

Our digital escrow facilitates both international and domestic trading. Yatapay Secure makes it simple to define payments terms and release conditions with an upload facility to manage trade documentation, contracts and communications in a secure environment. The protection of an escrow gives businesses the confidence to do business at home and globally without the expense of Letters of Credit.

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Escrow Security

Who are your customers? With business being conducted on an increasingly global scale with overseas networks of customers and suppliers, it can be much harder to get an accurate view of what buyers are up to, who they are exposed to and consequently much more difficult to get a sense of their financial security.

Know Your Risk. But for the business supplying them in this way, it’s impossible to be sure of their creditworthiness, particularly if a trading relationship has not already been established. If a customer were to become insolvent while owing you money, it could have a devastating impact on your business—potentially even leaving your business facing insolvency too.

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Yatapay Secure was built to give businesses a fairer, smarter and more cost-effective alternative to Letters of Credit.

Drawbacks of Letters of Credit

Benefits of YataPay Secure


The U.K. business sector faces real struggles

£5.8 Billion

Total SME’s wrote of for bad debt last year (YouGov Poll)


Jump in insolvencies expected in 2022 (Global Trade Reviews)


Increase in SRA scam alerts (Lawyer Checker)


U.K. businesses have experienced fraud in the last 2 years (PwC)


What our client say about us

Audrey Watson

Director, Oran Group Holdings Ltd.

I’ve sold two companies and both required funds to be set aside in escrow. Using YataPay cost less and was much more transparent. I received notifications of the status of the escrow at every stage and could see the funds had been deposited in the escrow. And when it was time to disburse the funds, it happened within a few hours.


Robin Gordon

Gordon and Company, Relocation Services.

The customer service with YataPay was excellent, and the escrow team walked us through the process step by step. We use YataPay to hold rental deposits for our customers arriving from overseas. The extra security it gives us has been invaluable and admin time has been greatly reduced.


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